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Teaching Features:

Designing and implementing a tailor-made international curriculum with excellent quality, it is important for all SNA staff and students to share a common vision:  

High school education focuses on the personal development of each student.

Education is a long-term goal leading to further studies.

Therefore, SNA’s curriculum plan, over three years, utilizes local characteristics and advantages of international curriculum with professional staff and North Americana strategic partners to ensure an effective implementation of the curriculum while continuously improve teaching quality and methods.

Grade 10: Focus on the acquisition of academic English; provide a strong foundation for mathematics and the sciences; introduction to the arts. 

Grade 11: Introduce to standardized tests; increase academic English skills; expand on courses in both Science and Humanities. 

Grade 12: Develop comprehensive university level English skills, explore different university majors from a wide variety of class selections. 

Curriculum Advantages

1.Tailor-made curriculum by North Carolina State University’s Friday’s Institute of Education.

2.Modular style learning designed by our partners at NC State University.

3.Rigorous course options to challenge students.

4.Complete English learning environment.

5.Seamless transition to university.

6.High level Advanced Placement courses to challenge students academically.

7.Project Based Inquiry projects with US partners to obtain an international hands on learning experience.

8.Intensive English Program to aid in language learning.

9.Specialty art courses to further develop creative and innovative thinkers.

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